Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kite Raptor

To my query whether to:
capture a rapture?,
Mark of the blog
Walking Man said:
“Feel it then let it go
and find a new one”. 
This is a step:
Kite Raptor
He works with the fierce winds
the ones we curse on our course
like an arrow overhead
bisecting the highway
attacking a tack against the wind
he crosses the byway.

Stop shivering and sheltering
from the wind whipping through.
Stand in the rage.
Face the fracturing force.

With grounded legs
staked, arms spread
eagle for the ride
grapple and belay
the massive cumulus
passing over us.


  1. I like this a lot Dianne. It reminds me of some of the unrelenting hope people of the mid west had during the prolonged drought and dust between 1932 and 1938. I have been reading some amazing stories of people's hope and defiance, clinging (staked) to the ground that was blowing away around them and their wish and attempts to capture ANY cloud that rolled over them. They would have made any pct to get some rain or snow...in fact made a few that never panned out, not with any devil only men. Rainmakers and such.

    We think that everyone left the dust bowl during those days but to be honest only 1 in 5 did. The rest had the grit, rage, will and hope you so well display in this piece.

    I like your free verse very much it flows "right smooth off the tongue"

  2. A strong poem, almost sculptural in places. An enjoyable read.

  3. love this one really...grapple and belay the clouds...nice.

  4. actions speaks louder,
    your words move and take my attentions,
    beautiful writing!

  5. This felt substantial. Like Dave said, it felt sculptural. Gorgeous!

  6. Good. Good. Good. "Stop shivering and sheltering
    from the wind whipping through.
    Stand in the rage."
    Okay. I will. You inspire me to do so.