Thursday, December 3, 2009

55 Flash Friday

Half a Life
He staggered into the half-occupied kitchen,
poured half a glass, "We're out of orange juice! Again!"
drank, belched, "The nectar of life."
She would have nuzzled into his neckline,
arms under his, pulled him to her chest....
Is an unreturned hug
half empty,
or half full?
Sorry guys, this is rather angry, from an old poem but...
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  1. Half empty or half full...
    Ooooh. Wow. I like it.
    Thought-provoking and just the right combination of bitter and sad.
    I know the feeling.

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine is ready, too... right HERE.

  2. can feelings ever be felt in half measures....

  3. Definitely half-empty in my book. I'm a hugger. Touching and sad.

    Thank you for visiting me earlier.


    Friday Flash 55 ~ Sobering 55

  4. It certainly gets under the skin.

  5. Another sad /angry 55.
    But well done.

    I have finished my 55.
    You’ll find it
    But it’s a groaner.

  6. That's an awful lot of feeling in a tiny 55! Beautifully done.

    I'd love to pass it on to my husband, but he wouldn't get it... I *really* get it.
    Thanks for sharing it Dianne!

  7. no apologies for being real. i have been angry myself this week. doing better today, my 55 is up too, by the way great 55

  8. Totally Empty if you ask me..
    I've been there...Many times!
    Excellent 55 Dianne.
    You got this down pat.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  9. Girlfriend, you are really getting around! I see you everywhere. I'm so glad you made your blog. A tangy 55 this was. Okay to be angry. You should see what I wrote about Joe a few times. My 55 is a rollicking one today. Come see. Love you!

  10. something I would like to know too...

  11. half a life is rather sad...almost as half a hug...nicely done 55.

    mine is up!

  12. Angry or not, it's a helluva poem. I'm sorry for the experiencing it but you sure wrote it effectively!

  13. Love this take on glass half full or half empty. No apology needed for this fine piece of work. Allow me to return the hug and make it full.
    My 55 is HERE.

  14. wow 13 comments! I guess anger really brings it out, or the 55 club!
    Thanks for all of your comments, with 3 boys and the holidays, I can't answer you all , but love you for it!
    As g-man says HAKAWE
    (have a kick-ass weekend)
    I say LITSNT
    (life is too short not to)

  15. Sorry I got here late, but the weekend kicked my ass! (damn that Galen!) I really enjoyed this...hugs are all or nothing, my dear...