Monday, December 28, 2009


I have three gloves left

Each a different color

For only two hands.

All rights reserved.
This was my first and only paper publication, in April 2009, selected by the local newspaper for national poetry month.  Hee Hee.  So there you are.


  1. and they all only fit one? smiles.

    i am sure someone will be grateful for one...

  2. ... and of the three gloves, all are left-handed I expect?
    __In my vehicle I have two pair of gloves; one pair is a brown left, and a black right; the second pair is a black left, and a brown right! "D'ya think I could do something with them?
    __Ah... your -three gloves- hit home, Love the humorous thought you generated! _m

  3. I'm proud of you that this one was selected.

  4. well you'll be a cheerful colourful one, hee hee heeee

  5. Then the needs of the moment are taken care of.

  6. well hopefully there is at least one left and one right, not 3 rights or 3 lefts :)
    It will work as long as they are activity appropriate.

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  8. Three different gloves
    Let me ask you one question
    Are you a Martian?

    (Haiku 4 U hehehehehe)

  9. all hands are different colors
    and they deserve different color gloves
    no sense in hiding them behind monochromatic totalitarianism.