Monday, December 14, 2009

Rain is good, but sometimes...

Summer began after long drives through passes
glistening with new grass, after she withered and writhed away from me.
I re-learned to dance in the sun, drenched with sweat from the light-play through leaves,
unstoppable, in a little excess.

Anticipation of the forced end
of summer walks, morning rides, and evening jogs,
keeps me in bed, nowhere to go, no dry path ahead.
With a little attitude, a little rain or not.

This winter cold makes me feel old,
and stuck in the bed, while a light rain is taking hold
of the pounding ache in my head.
A little cold, a little rain or not.

It’s reverberation is impossible to ignore.
To move would be to give up
the pelting percussion outside my French doors.
A little rain never stopped anyone.

Before the rush, the arguing
over the line to the bathroom,
and the news blaring one notch below the rhetoric,
Oh to hear a little rain a little longer.

So here, halting the day, hidden away, without a contingency, without an elixir,
Without the mix of light in the expanse,
A little bit away a little while longer,
A little rain never stopped anyone.

So if you reach out and I reply with a long furtive hug,
or if I only heard the question the third time,
while looking past you to the grey curtain, remind me,
A little rain never stopped anyone.)

(from a dark day 1 year ago, now I love the rain, the changes, the clearing of the excess, the new growth of all life sprouting ...see the Haiku to come....)


  1. i am glad you put that last line in...our days will be hard...but i do think it prepares the way for our growth...

  2. You have the rhythms of the rain in your poetry.

  3. There are some lines here that I like a lot, and I admire the internal rhyme of the stanza beginning "The winter cold makes me feel old."

    Sometimes (for me, at least), it takes a while to discover the true subject of a poem -- which is a matter of focus and tone. What would happen, do you think, if you revised this, beginning with the stanza "Summer began after long drives through passes..." and going on from there? It seems to me that this is the point where you get to what you really want to write about....

    Just an opinion, of course, it's your poem....

  4. Yeah, that's the feedback I'm talkin' about! Thanks, James.

  5. Laying in bed listening to the rain beat on the roof or windows. It is poetry without words, but your words fill the emotion so missing from the sounds. (wish I could spell check my comments)

  6. Quite an interesting poem you have written in Free Verse. The cadence flows well. The imagery seems to suggest that the personna is lonely and depressed. If the intension was to write a dark poem then you have succeeded. The emotional play in the words has kept my interest in the poem from start to finish.

    (Aka) Paterika