Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday 160

What I know

Giggles grow


babies being

cousins cuddling

children spinning

teens teasing

women wine tasting

grandmothers gifting

logs lighting

spouses spooning.
-( write a short story, ?poem? in 160 characters and spaces exactly, let monkey man know:


  1. A lovely 160, Dianne! I'm imagining a very full and fun-loving house during the holiday season.

  2. What great feeling. Love this. Thanks for a great 160 and thanks for playing.

  3. cool idea for writing... and nice job with this poem... i like how each of the lines has a giggle embedded, and a lovely flow from one to the next...

    glad to have found my way in here... hope you don't mind if i follow along with your blog...


  4. nicely done 160, filled with lots of happy things...wonderful things to end the day on...smiles.

  5. Loved seeing your smiling face, Dianne. You fit so many luscious things into 160 spaces. Good work! Happy New Year!

  6. All true events worth remembering, thanks for following. "Write what you know"!

  7. ~~Sorry For Your Loss~~ I just lost my Father This being the second Christmas without him it was very hard. They say it gets easier with time I ask how can that be when He's gone for ever and my pain will last for ever.
    First time ever here I loved the Sunday-160 poem

    Walk In My Shoes

  8. that's how a family should be... great 160!

  9. As long as they continue to be then there will always be room for more. wonderful presentation Dianne.

  10. Nicely done. My wishes to you and yours for a good New Year.