Thursday, December 3, 2009

The gift of art

Painting 5-23-08

I want to paint a tapestry
Plaid with lunar-young vines waving
Disorderly fingers too high.

I want to paint a pottery
Of brass-burnished grasses
Zen-raked by hands with plows.

I want to paint an etching
feathered with cloud curls,
to tickle your eyes.

I want to paint a dance
undulating silhouettes
of hills against the sky.

I want to paint a poem
with the spark of a solitaire
pinning the early night.

I want to paint for you an image
which catches the heart
in your unrestrained sigh.

To those who wish to hear my poems read aloud, gulp,
in 2-3 days my poems Melody Evolution and this poem, Painting, will be on a podcast of our local public radio station,, 90.1 FM in San Luis Obispo California, achives of Ears on Art, 12-2-09. I have done this twice now, and am having so much fun. I hope you can have the live poetry reading experience this way with me, without having to fly here.... LIVE is always better: music, theater, poetry ...personally.
Love my poetry family,


  1. Congrats. Very well deserved. Shame I can't get it.

  2. Seeing your poem in print, after hearing you read it on the radio, is a wonderful experience. Do you know if we have any poetry readings in the county this month, or if all cancelled due to the holidays?

  3. The spirit of this is most affecting and contagious.

  4. i love this do paint, with your words...