Thursday, January 7, 2010

55 Flash Fiction Friday

What’s in a number?
Guess, if you wonder:

Sleep retrieves
unrealized dreams.

Wear longer sleeves,
looser seams.

Don sunscreens
with firming creams.

Closer friends
form quicker mends,

communing first
for less outbursts.

Quench deeper thirsts.

Eat dessert first.

In 55 hours,
I'm 55 minus five.

If you can read this,
be glad we’re alive.
55 flash fiction (or poetry) Friday Challenge, in exactly 55 words and let G-Man know:
photo from Santa Monica, CA, my uncle, Mr. Universe.  My dad photographer.  Guy on left, unknown.


  1. What do you mean your up?
    Are you going on Vacation?
    Wednesday Night?
    Your gonna have to comment again tomorrow ya know!
    BTW...Loved the Tootsie theme!!!
    And of course I loved your 55...Early as it is!
    I'll be seeing you again before this week-end!

  2. If I'm getting this right, you've got a birthday coming up! Many happy returns of the day!!!

    Swing by for a visit In Linden Hills:

  3. Have good half century day. The numbers mean nothing it's all in the attitude.

    I really liked the couplet forms found here today.

  4. i hope you have a happy birthday and we are glad you are alive, to grace us with your words! nice 55!

  5. Happy Birthday! Remember if you aren't getting older you are dead. Thanks for visiting mine! BTW..the firming cream line really resonates with me, LOL. I went wrinkle cream crazy last summer. Damn getting old!

  6. I think the best advice is to start with dessert - especially if it's your birthday!

  7. Great 55. It appears Happy birthday is in order as well. Mrs. MM's was yesterday. My 55 is HERE.

  8. Clever you. Happy Birthday. And that picture, ha!

  9. That's the best birthday verse I've ever read! Amen to eating dessert first -- and I love that photo.

    Last week my connection crapped out on me and I missed this -- I'm so glad I checked back now because you've really put a smile on my face.

    Happy Birthday!! (sorry I'm late!)