Thursday, January 28, 2010


Full smoky moon
An omen or a beacon
I look for signs.

Umber, then amber,
Obscurely glowing among oak-twists
Of an earth-black lattice.

Orange, then saffron,
Ornately cloud-laced, come out!

A smile, a face, a glee
Laughingly peeking

Over fingers of mist.
Longingly drawing,
Beckoning a draught

From my lips, but only
An unstoppable

Through sorrowing eyes.
Beacon hold me
Armless, handless, graspless,

I cannot recall wanting so much.
"Serendipity" was coined on this day, in 1754. It is defined as the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.  Read about it HERE   This blog, and the fellow writers and readers are serendipitous for me.
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Photo:  Google Images, mellow sunsets, hunter's moon.


  1. i can feel that longing in how you describe the moments...wonderfully visual and felt.

  2. Oh! This was beautiful. "Fingers of mist" is amazing. Ya done good, dear one.

  3. hi Dianne, you have a lovely site here... its a good read, with some excellent links... I agree with Bill on this one - your poem is richly atmospheric

  4. I love the visual images here - very sensory, very nice!

  5. __Ahh... the lucky-ness of finding invaluable things by not looking for them; doesn't something serendipitus occur each day?
    __Love this, each triplet... its own impact. _m