Friday, November 13, 2009

Dating again

Tonight is a rare date between my husband and I, married 23 years, I will carry the anticipation like a cat's-tail tickling me all day....

A Taste of Youth
Transported on the wake of a dream
Into lost, cool twilights of summer
A girl’s first taste of foreign lips:
Watery and fresh.
Novel then,
Now universal.
First drink from the “O” of his lips
A spring-water taste,
Clean and quenching.
Any anxious permit to share
With each boy after
Recalled his flavor.
This girl tasted a silvery droplet,
Barely enough for a drink,
Surely not enough for a cup.
Tonight she found the pool
fed by ancient isolated streams.
At the merging of rivulets
she found his flavor again.


  1. to go back to find the magic again... very worthwhile.

  2. I like this one! thought provoking...those trips down memory lane make for the best lines of poetry!! Keep it coming!

  3. Beautiful sentiments of time that has passed, yet not died.