Tuesday, November 17, 2009

earth mother?

every day I am amazed at the intrinsic role I have created as chief snuggler, back-scratcher and horn of plenty.........

Question arose today: does this blog constitute "publishing a piece"?

Happy breakfast, lunch and dinner today!

The devil is in the details

These sticky layers of cold waxy gunk
coat everything they touch
and never pull apart without a fight.
Do you want some bacon today?

I make the offer, holding a paper towel on an empty plate.
O.K. the boys break from wrestling
with less attention than if passing
a penny on a sidewalk.

I turn to the black cast iron
awaiting a transformation of opaque glue
into translucent liquid salt,
coveted by generations to flavor meats, grits and beans.

I object to its evil, artery–clogging properties,
but my sons’ cravings feed their brains a powerful fuel.
Fighting the urge to finish poems on the laptop
and answer the damp laundry’s bell,

I anticipate the perfect texture, worthy of “Elvis’s “
fried peanut butter and banana sandwich,
brown as stained leather, just a shade from black,
I will give them “God in the details…”


  1. I'm no attorney, I only play one on blogs. I don't think posting a piece on your blog constitutes publishing in the sense that "I have been published". While I don't yet have one on my blog, I do believe you should protect yourself from theft with a copyright disclaimer.

    I'll check back later today to see what others say on this topic. Good question.

  2. my friend, Chris,said:
    The short answer?
    It counts.

    If you were to submit a piece to a magazine or newspaper or other periodical, they generally (read: most) want, and demand, first publishing rights. That includes internet.

  3. But I really don't have an answer. Are we publishing our works? Are we publishing our thoughts? What is the definition of publishing? In book publishing there is a very concret answer. In blogland, what is the answer?
    More shall be revealed, I guess.

  4. aaaargh, the bane of daily meal making... such fun some days, on others, you've said it all. nice.

    publishing... mmmm, blogs i think are still pretty much a grey area. personally i think blogs are personal platform to test the waters, see what you can do and what people think of it. in the real sense, however, i see publishing as being the printed medium. buuuut, that's just me...

  5. Ahh the domestic life. I love your poem.

    It speaks to me of a million meals cooked 'a la carte' for daughters, not sons, but the same principle applies.

  6. Reminds me I once worked in an office that looked out directly into the street. We araldited a 50p piece to the pavement outside. It gave us hours of entertainment!

    Finally an enterprising local child came along with a chisel. Good for him.

  7. I'm enjoying your work, Diane. I really liked the Elvis peanut-butter sandwich reference. That's the sort of thing I would have said.
    Thanks for following two of my blogs. I appreciate it!
    Welcome to this madness!