Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moon desire or humor

Crescent Moon Cowboy Poem

Haven’t slept good
since the last moon’s rind
grabbed Venus and I,
unawares, from behind.

Nobody gets
everything I see,
but that horseshoe sure kicked
the feet out from under me.

By the time I’m done cryin’
without you black and blue,
in a fortnight I’ll forget,
by then, you’ll be “new”.

Whoever said absence makes
the heart grow fonder
never felt your bow
shoot their world wide asunder.

(This moonrise was taken at Mineral King, backpacking at 9,000 feet, with the setting sun's "alpine glow" on the mountains


  1. Take the arrows because if used right they can sew a reality back into one complete piece.

  2. what a stunning view of the moon this.

  3. Good cowboy lyrics. I like the line about the moon's rine grabbing Venus and you from behind.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. and the song to go with it? i am sure you have a lovely voice, why don't you post a recording? :-)

  5. I don't know how to record my voice on my computer yet, but I did record my poems on the radio last year, KCBX,Dec 3rd Ears on Art Program still has a podcast of it. I'll be doing another one this week, to air Weds, Dec 3rd Calif time 4:30 PST,

  6. Beautiful photo and I enjoyed the words too, specially the first verse...