Saturday, November 14, 2009

Melody Evolution

I cannot write poetry without listening to new singer-songwriters, Joni Mitchell is one of my favorites. One new to me is Linsay Tomasic. To all musicians:
Melody Evolution

The audience arrives,

Fluttering from spot to spot, or

Readily planted and sinking in.

Settle the mind, smooth the edges,

And tamp time into the moment.

Wait and watch:

The tools and candor of the musicians.

The artists dig and cull

Tease and tune a fertile sound.

We absorb initial notesPeel open comprehension

Feel the roots spread as

The riff weaves its pattern.

The listeners reach out – out –out

As tiny tendrils leaning towards light,

UntilWe find

A synthesis

Of harmony

Blooming inside

Of each and all

When the



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