Saturday, November 21, 2009


Why call it falling?

Roller coaster dream stumbling

down your well of sighs!
have a great weekend!
All rights reserved
Dianne Gross-Giese


  1. Haiku for Love. Love it. My reading for KCBX went fantastically well yesterday. She had lost my phone number, so when I called five minutes after our appointed time, it was like I was an angel to Crissa. Fun! Thanks for your comments on the cat poem. I had a hard time scheduling it for posting this morning, which is what I like to do, write at night and schedule for posting in the AM. Scheduler wouldn't work. Thus some snafus about it. I send my love your way.

  2. oooo, i love your description muuuuuuch better...

  3. Thank you for finding me, as it has lead me to finding you!
    I am liking when someone can say much using so few words.Purrrrrrrrrrrfect discription.

    BTW I am thinking, the only training you need to write is life itself.Your words I have read here and there show you have that.
    Be warned.......I will be back!

  4. Comments, comments, comments. More comments!

    This one's my fave. Simplicity and truth captured in very few words.

  5. Keep coming back to this one. It's a great haiku and the photograph catches the mood - obliquely perfect.