Saturday, November 28, 2009

To the Point

To the Point

Fog obscures horizon, drawing close the stone arches in surf
-accept struggle for what it is

Ocean waves crash in a sinkhole, splashing like a creature in a vast bathtub
-take joy in the unexpected

Rocky coves precede a rare virgin beach
-love without attachment

A big boulder cupcake
-fill to satiation

Peaks of petrified pilings

Cracked columns form castles

Arched caves of symmetrical repeating doorways
-offer compassion for all living things

Confetti flowered hazel hills
-in afterglow

Leave bare skin exposed on paper to the mountain’s clouds
-cool fever burned hands
(photo by Jillian Standish)


  1. I've told you before I love this poem, and I'll say it again.

  2. I really like this crazy-zen poem bringing together vast images from the natural world and the inner insights of buddhist awareness. So good to discover your poem blog!