Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here I am with my first blogspace and I don't know what to do with it!
The inspiration for my space name Rhythm of the Light is this poem,

The Rhythm of the Light 4-24-08

The rhythm of the light
rolls away, rolls away.

An orange orb bounces
on the road, on the road

Signaling the way to begin
or end the day, end the day.

The strain of my feet
chips away, chips away.

My heart heats up a blanket
which drags down, drags down,

While the rhythm of the light
rolls away, rolls away.

Skin’s cold dark drink
renews my speed renews my speed

In center of the road,
tempting pumas, tempting pumas.

Trees are hiding frogs
croaking song, croaking song

and merge with humming crickets
strumming beats, strumming beats

To Night’s rolling blackness
Infinite, infinite:

The rhythm of the light
rolls away, rolls away.

Have a wonderful wintery week.


  1. Hi, Dianne! That's a great poem for a start. I haven't heard you read it before, have I? It's got a wonderful rhythm. Congrats on your new blog. To meet some wonderful people, look at my blog roll (people I follow) You'll like Keeping Secrets, by Karen, for starters. And The Walking Man does new poetry every day.

  2. Hi Dianne

    I like this poem, its cadence very soothing. Your mysticism in this poem is very appealing for it goes beyond the explicit and bleeds with many layers of implicit meaning. The symbolism in this poem points to the complexities of daily living ; political tussock and so much more.