Friday, November 20, 2009

Flash 55 Friday

Flash 55 Friday!

Like blades of grass under the blanket
upon which your mind reclines with a poem:
like pulling a guitar string to elevate the pitch
higher to match your scalding fever:
like Carmen’s tango dip,

trusting her partner’s thrusting arm
bridging the vulnerable arch of her back:

Bend, do not break.

For flash 55 friday instructions, visit g-man's blog
All rights reserved
Dianne Gross-Giese


  1. Cool, I get the first comment! Thanks for joining the 55'ers. I really enjoyed your piece.

  2. really love this 55...bend but do not break...a great message for this morning as well. thank you. have a great weekend!

    mine is up!

  3. to trust another to bend and not break, i like that!

  4. wow! that is a great way to express a thought ! It is thought provoking!

  5. What a picture you draw with your words. I like your 55 very much. My 55 is HERE.

  6. So you really want to know what I think?
    This is one of my favorites for today Dianne.
    Excellent 55 My Dear..
    Thank you so much for this fine contribution, and please join us again next week for the Friday Funfest!
    Have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  7. Great debut with wonderful imagery. Do come back and play again next week!

    Mine is up:

    Friday Flash 55 ~ The Boy on The Metro

  8. Wonderful verse. I'm yet to fully understand the thought behind it, verse in 55 words, is that it? Pardon my ignorance.

  9. Some interesting ideas at work here!