Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking at light

Crystal Refraction:

All points wear prismacolor.

Immutable sun!


  1. i see no reason to want to change a single thing you have here... i am so fearful of poetry.. and haiku makes me shudder in pure terror.

    you make it look easy.

    ps attach a copywrite for you blog by going here:

  2. I like the use of 'prismacolor'. A commercial handle given dignity by its context.

  3. I can't imagine how you got those three lines from that image, but I'm very glad you did!

  4. It is an interesting piece Dianne. I think there is much more to be read here than you may have intended, but then, that is the convoluted nature of the form you used in this. Well done.

  5. i second: "haiku makes me shudder in pure terror".

    but oh, how much i love that picture, the softness of that light, that haze... even more and beyond words could ever tell...

  6. Oh the photo, well, it was the afterthought. Less the refracted prism and more the blinding sun (drats, caught me empty handed, it was all I could find in my album)