Monday, November 9, 2009

Glad to be alive

Today is the first day I have felt alive after the flu, 4 days of : sicker than the dead.
I wrote this poem in response to the over use of the word glad in email exchanges with a friend:

Don’t Glad-spam My Email 7-21-08 DGG

"Glad", what kind of word is that?
Unlike it's rhyming antonyms,
Mad Bad Had Sad,
It's a watered-down, skim-milk, transparent-wrap word.
It's like a label put on a card,
A yellow plastic smiley face sticker: “Have a Glad Day!”
It's not even enough to have a double meaning
in our elaborate over-embellished world.
Take “Gay” for instance, charged with joyful glee or homosexual culture.
If it had a double meaning, it's only innuendo
is the increment above ennui
for a 50's housewife stereotype
seeking something to cling to
for freshness from television commercials.
I prefer, if I use it at all, to make it an acronym,
Grateful Loving Attentive Dianne.
G. L. A. D. is a lot harder to write though.

1 comment:

  1. What a gritty fabulous ranting poem! You have to read this at our Thursday night if you haven't already. It has guts and glory!
    Glad you posted it: (sound of laughter)